Loan works | Finance your renovation works

Ready work: you have renovation projects?

Ready work: you have renovation projects?

You can not see your kitchen in painting anymore? Your bathroom dates back to the 40s? Your plumbing needs to be reviewed? Perhaps it is your electricity that you need to have revised? The roof of your home has had its day? Do you want to insulate your entire house? The facade of it requires some renovation work? You plan to build a veranda? Would you like to buy a new boiler? You plan to secure your home through the installation of an alarm? Do you want to hire a professional? Do you plan to do everything yourself? Whatever your construction or renovation projects, Zefadit’s bespoke work loan solution is for you.

Good news: Zefadit’s work loan offers one of the most advantageous rates on the market! Calculate the total amount of your loan through our credit simulator.

The benefits of Zefadit work loan

The benefits of Zefadit work loan

  • An advantageous rate : Zefadit’s work loan is one of the most advantageous on the market.
  • An amount released quickly : with Zefadit, you receive your money within 48 hours! The amount borrowed is transferred directly to your account. All you have to do is pay the various suppliers.
  • A repayment term to choose : it is you who choose the repayment period of your loan work.
  • No handling fees : Zefadit does not charge any fees. Save money!
  • A fixed interest rate : the application rate on Zefadit work loans are fixed. No bad surprises.
  • No notary intervention : the Zefadit renovation loan does not require the intervention of a notary or mortgage registration.

Terms of loan works Zefadit

Terms of loan works Zefadit

Terms of acceptance

You already own a property? Do you have an invoice or purchase order for the desired work? Contact us without delay!

Obviously, to subscribe a credit whatever it is, you must be more than 18 years old, collect regular income and reside in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

You must also not be registered with the NBB (National Bank of Belgium), in order to limit any problem of overindebtedness whatsoever.

Refund method

At a fixed date, you repay constant monthly payments through a direct debit. The first deadline falls 30 calendar days after the signature of the offer. This deadline remains applicable for the duration of the loan.

Loan work: renovation bonuses

Loan work: renovation bonuses

Both the federal government and the various regions offer bonuses and subsidies for renovation. The amounts and conditions of these premiums vary depending on whether you live in Brussels or Wallonia.

To learn more, do not hesitate to refer to the following two pages:

  • (for Wallonia)
  • (for Brussels)

Contrary to what many people think, this aid is not limited to investments made for the purpose of saving energy. Work likely to eliminate the mole and other mushrooms, intended to dry the walls, the costs of replacing or repairing a rainwater tank, for example, can potentially and at least partly be taken into account. charge. Do not hesitate to inquire beforehand.

The loan guide works

The loan guide works

The loan works, also called credit works, loan renovation or credit renovation, is for anyone who wants to carry out construction work, renovation, development or any other type of work related to real estate.

The loan works consists of a loan granted by a specific entity – in this case the bank or financial institutions, at variable rates and monthly payments diversified depending on the circumstances of the loan. Different work credit solutions are offered on the Internet, meeting specific needs.

One credit for each project

There are as many work credits as there are kinds of work. Thus, it is possible to subscribe to a special renovation loan if the work focuses only on renovation, just as it is possible to opt for a loan dedicated to a new construction. Each credit is different. The loan conditions are therefore varied according to these.

Personal loan or loan affected?

Since a credit works can be assigned to specific work in a housing, any loan between 5,000 and 100,000 € is governed by the Consumer Code. Any borrower is thus obliged to inform the possible expenses of insurance and the APR.

It also benefits from a right of withdrawal and protection in terms of assigned credit. Rates, repayment periods and fees may vary from one loan to another.

You can apply for a non-binding loan via our form above.

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