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If you are looking for a micro loan to get fast enough even if you do not have a paycheck, Postal service Italy has thought of you with cash post pay. It is a mini loan, for amounts starting from 750 euros and up to 1,500, which can be requested at the authorized Group’s post offices. Just fill out your application and provide all the necessary documents, at no cost for the practice and in total safety. But let’s take a closer look at the product, examining its characteristics and conditions and how the interests are calculated for the different amounts of the amount that can be requested.

Cash post pay features and requirements


First of all, to request the micro loan you need to be the holder of a Post pay rechargeable credit card on which the amount of the loan will then be paid out as if it were a common recharge. The loan can be granted for three different ranges of amount, or “top-up plans”: 750 euros, 1,000 euros and 1,500 euros. For each of the three top-up plans, a repayment period of 15, 20 or 24 months, respectively, is provided for 15, 20 or 24 installments to settle the debt.

There are no costs of preliminary investigation and collection of the installment but there are specific monthly costs different according to the amount of loan provided: ranging from 4.50 euro per month, the cost for the repayment plan of the “15-month” charge, and you get to pay 9 euros a month for the micro loan of 24 months.

Calculation of interest and repayment

The amount of the installment will be 54.50 euros for the top-up of 750 euros; 56 euros for the loan at 1,000 euros, and 71.50 euros for the highest recharge expected, that of 1,500 euros. For the three different recharge plans we will have a Taeg of 18.21%, 16.51% and 15.46% respectively.

The Taeg is certainly not the most favorable while there is no Tan since the calculation of interest is calculated differently. In short, the amount disbursed is redeemed for the months of the repayment period, amount to which is added a monthly fee equal to 0.60 of the capital provided.

Only on the first installment, the stamp duty required by law, equal to 16 euros, is added. Another 2 euros are required to send the only periodic communication on transparency. In a nutshell for the 750 euro top-up, to be returned in 15 months, € 835.50 must be returned. For the 1,000-euro top-up, to be repaid in 20 months, 1,138 euros will be returned and for the 1,500-euro top-up, to be repaid in 24 months, the interest amounts to 234 euros, for a total sum to be repaid equal to 1,734 euros.

The product can be requested at the offices of the authorized post offices, it does not require a guarantee at the time of signing the loan and the sum paid can then be returned via postal order or current account. cash post pay can be asked by both Italian citizens and foreigners; both first and second must present a certificate of income in addition to identification documents, passport or residence permit for foreigners, identity card and health card for Italians.

Without Paycheck

Loan without paycheck does not mean that it is granted in the absence of a demonstrable income. access to credit without having an income, a salary for an atypical job or other, is clearly impossible, especially in the absence of external guarantees required at the time of subscription.

Loan without a paycheck simply means obtaining it even if you do not have a paycheck, “prerogative” we say of employees and similar. Banks, financial and even Poste to intercept the needs of the market share of atypical, professionals, VAT, establish more or less substantial funding for those who earn income but with documentation that certifies it different from the paycheck, think for example at the CUD.

Consider, for example, a salary, with accreditation in the bank, for ongoing collaborations, for seasonal contracts, for workers in layoffs. All types of workers who have an income but not a paycheck and who at the end of the year still hold a document certifying their income, on which they pay taxes, and can therefore obtain a personal loan “without payroll”.

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Urgent online loans to solve your problems Wed, 06 Mar 2019 13:49:02 +0000

To apply for an urgent online credit, few requirements must be met:

  • Be of age
  • Have a bank account and address in Spain
  • Submit the DNI / NIE
  • Have a mobile phone
  • Indicate how much money is earned each month, some private equity companies do not apply for a payroll, but it is necessary to have some type of monthly income

If you are included in a list of defaulters, do not despair, at present, many private credit companies accept clients who are on these lists. However, there are conditions for this. The majority will not accept clients whose debt has been contracted with a bank and many of them have a limit amount on the debt that can be between 1,000 and 2,000 euros.

When making the request, the prospective client will be asked to give their consent to access their online bank or to consult their private financial data. This is done to check the average income that the person has, the debts that could have and the ability to meet the payment of the amount borrowed in the agreed time.

Fast online credits are easy to request and comfortable, for that reason you should keep in mind that this credit must be returned, it is not money that is received easily and it is already. In this way, applying for a loan is buying money and we must be sure that we can deal with that purchase, otherwise the future problems may be worse than those present. In general, private equity companies do not lend money to people who have not been able to return a loan to another entity.

Loans for young people between 18 and 21 years old

Many private equity companies consider 21 years of age to be of legal age and do not grant loans to people who, even if they are legally of legal age, have not reached this age. But there are others that do and are a great relief for students who need money, for entrepreneurs or for any young person. However, in the same way as adults, you should go to fast credits with responsibility and not to live on them. It is necessary to return that money, so it will be necessary to consider if it really is an economic emergency that can not be resolved in any other way.

It must also be borne in mind that, in the case of not being able to return the money on the established date, it is possible to request extensions. You pay a little more but you do not get a debt and you can ask for a loan once the previous one is settled.

The requirements to apply for a fast online credit between 18 and 21 years are the same as for older people:

  • Reside in Spain
  • Submit the DNI / NIE
  • Have a mobile phone
  • Have a bank account
  • Show that you have stable monthly income of any nature to be able to cope with the debt. The amount of money borrowed will depend on the income that is counted
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